29 Jan 2016

'The PSK Waffly-Bit'

Welcome to the new PSK Journal!

Here we hope to publish a few articles that may interest those of the Performance Sea Kayaking ilk. We don’t claim that these will be ground-breaking, life-changing, or even have plenty of fancy photos. However what we aim to do is publish a monthly article that may interest, inform or entertain - and could be said to be linked, vaguely perhaps, to the phrase – ‘Performance Sea Kayaking’.

Trip write-ups, training tips, kit reviews, vague paddling thoughts or even just your side of the story, we’re looking forward to an eclectic mix.

Some will be written in-house at PSK Towers, but hopefully the majority won’t. We hope that any and all who can tell an interesting tale, or fill our brains with useful info will take the opportunity to drop us a line or two – via the Contact Us page.

Ahead we hope to have articles from Katie Ellis, Aled Williams, Dan McGonigle and Stuart Leslie to name but a few - for now we'll start the ball rolling.

So let’s crack on...

 - after a gratuitous photo...


First One Up 

Nowadays we seem to be immersed in an endless world of adventure, some of it real, some of it less so. The whole world seems to want to complete some zany stunt for charity and then stick it on to FaceTube for all to fawn at...

But back in 1969 things were a little different, FaceTube didn’t exist, dry-bags weren’t and the Irish Sea hadn’t even been paddled I'm led to believe.

This first piece tells the tale of that one...